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Chairman's Message

Tourism Industry Association of Japan (TIJ) was founded in November, 2001, intending to support the independence of tourism industry and it's healthy development, as well as aiming for the realization of people's high living standard and therefore to contribute to our nation's economy.
Since then, it has taken vigorous actions toward the solution of various problems. In 2007, Tourism Basic Act was amended for the first time in 43 years after it's enforcement, becoming new "Tourism Nation Promotion Act".
In addition, "Tourism Nation Promotion Basic Plan" was decided in the Cabinet Meeting, which includes concrete numerical goals of tourism. That year might well be said as "The First Year of Tourism".
Also, in October 2008, Tourism Agency was inaugurated, as had been our long-cherished dream, which placed the tourism promotion as an important policy of our nation.
Let's turn our eyes toward the real world.
Tourism industry is now in the midst of severe circumstances of decreasing demand due to the recent worldwide economic crisis as well as declining birthrate and aging society. However, 21st century is said to be the "Era of Exchange". We are quite confident that in the middle and long-term, the domestic and cross-boarder exchange opportunities will become more and more abundant.
The problems to be met and solved have been already listed. Particularly in such a difficult situation, we have to set to work in earnest. We have to tackle various issues such as strengthening of international competitiveness and nurturing human resources, and have to continue our efforts hereafter toward the creation of new demand.
To this end, we are determined to enhance the role and function of TIJ as a credible partner of Japan Tourism Agency, and also, to strengthen the partnership with various tourism industry organizations. Furthermore, we wish fervently your firm resolution that "Our future should be opened by our own hands".
We sincerely hope that you will understand and continue to give great support and cooperation to our activities.

Ryuji Funayama , Chairman
Tourism Industry Association of Japan